About Rooms

Q. What is the check-in and check-out time?
A. You can check in at any time after 3:00 pm and check out by 11:00 am.  Please kindly advise us in advance if you are arriving at our hotel after midnight. 

Q. Is it possible to have early check-in or late check-out?
A.  It shall be subject to room availability upon your arrival or departure and cannot be guaranteed in advance.  In the event that early check-in or late check-out is not available, we're pleased to keep your luggage at the reception desk.

Q. Are there any smoking areas inside the hotel?
A.  Yes, there is a smoking area on the second floor, which is open 24hours. 

Q. Can I leave luggage prior to check-in or after check-out?
A.  Yes, you can leave your luggage at the reception desk prior to check-in or after check-out if you can pick it up within the day.

Q. Do you accept luggage or parcels sent to you prior to check-in?
A.  Yes, we can receive and keep your luggage or parcels at the reception desk up to 1 week prior to check-in.  Please make sure that it shall be pre-paid and be shipped under the same name as booked along with the hotel name.

Q. What equipment can I borrow from the hotel?
A.   Although the number has a limitation, the following ones are available. When you would like to use, please input a comment on the column to choose.
>>Rental Items are here

Q. Can I add breakfast after arrival?
A.  Yes, you can have breakfast with the additional charge of JPY 2,268 per adult (JPY 1,134 per child) per day.  You can purchase breakfast coupons at the reception desk or directly at the restaurant Hache.

About Children

Q. Do you have baby cots or bed guards?
A.  We have baby cots, which can be provided for infants aged up to 17 months with the additional charge of JPY 2,200 per stay.
Free baby guards are also available.  Please kindly contact us beforehand if you need a baby cot under the above conditions or need an arrangement of baby guards.

About Facilities & Services

Q. Can I purchase hotel amenity goods?
A.  Yes, there's a shop on the lobby floor, where you can purchase hotel's original goods such as pillows, pajamas, bathrobes, hotel's original aroma diffuser "Stifum" along with a wide variety of made-in-Japan souvenirs.

Q. Is there a parking lot in the hotel, and if so how much will it cost? 
A.  Yes, we have a parking lot in the hotel and it costs JPY 1,500 per night (3:00 pm - 11:00 am).  We don't accept reservation in advance and it is available on First-come and First-served basis.  Please check our Access page for more detailed information.

Q. Are there any laundromats in the hotel?
A.  No, we have paid laundry services instead, which are available daily.

Q. Is there a convenience store near here?
A. There are three convenience stores within 1-minute walk from the hotel.

Q. What time can we use the large bathroom?
A. Hotel guests can use the large bathroom at free of charge.

<The utilization time>
Evening-night 4:00 pm opening /1:00 am closing,
Morning 6:00 am opening / 9:00 am closing
The lounge attached to the large bathroom can be also open to the hotel guest at free, during the same time range as in the large bathroom.

The large bathroom is on the 18th floor (the highest floor).
Please take the towels in your room with you to the large bathroom.
Moreover, it is allowed to use slippers in your hotel room when you are moving between your room and the large bathroom.
There are lockers and valuables lockers with a key in the large bathroom.

Amenity goods currently prepared for the large bathroom
<Shampoo, Conditioner, Body shampoo … all are Ella Bache products(France).>
Since there is no other available amenity goods prepared, please bring in with you, as necessary.

About anniversary and surprise

Q. May I order doing of a surprise?
A. We can prepare for a variety of surprise services, such as arrangement of a cake, a bouquet, a flower box, and flower petal decoration on a bed. We may adjust along your requests.

Q. May I send a present to the hotel in advance?
A. Yes, concerning the present sent to the hotel beforehand, it is possible for us to retain it at the front-desk, set it in the room to stay, or deliver it at the scheduled time.

Q. What kind of cake do you have in the hotel?
A. We are prepared with fresh cream cakes and chocolate cakes. (The price will vary by size.)

Q. Would you set the cake in the room, before checking-in at the hotel?
A. I am sorry. As a cake will not be able to put in a small refrigerator attached to each room, we will not accept such a request. We will deliver a cake to the room after the arrival of the guests.

Q. Can you make delivery of a present or a cake, even at midnight?
A. Yes, delivery is possible for every time zone during your stay.

Q. I would like to propose my lady.
A. A concierge will help your proposal suited to your request. Please contact us.

-For Customers Having Food Allergies-

Prior to your arrival
Customers who have any food allergies shall let us know prior to reservation and arrival.

About the meals we offer
The meals we offer are cooked in one kitchen as all other menu items.  Therefore, all the allergens cannot be completely removed and they may retain to some extent even if we don't use the ingredients which trigger your allergies.  Allergens from the dinnerware such as cutlery and plates may remain without being removed in the washing process.  Thus, please kindly note that the meals and the dinnerware are not completely allergen-free and they are rather hypoallergenic.  Again, we would be unable to guarantee allergy symptoms will never be triggered by the meals served.

In the above conditions, your confirmation and your own decisions would be highly appreciated.  If the symptoms are serious, we may have to decline giving priority to safety of our customers.  You may bring the meals to the restaurant for yourself if necessary after contacting us beforehand.